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About Us

About Us


Erminia Costagliola di Fiore

Eclectic, creative and dreamer. These three words describe Erminia Costagliola di Fiore, a passionate jewelry designer, who has given life to Minnie’s Jewels brand. This brand specializes in luxury jewelry that highlights womanhood and elegance on the wearer. Credit goes to quality, careful craftsmanship, creativity and a passion for typical Italian beauty. And it’s the passion for beauty and elegance that inspires Minnie’s Jewels brand characterized by a unique, unmistakable and recognizable style, never repetitive and connected to fashion and trends of the moment. Elegance lies in the irresistible beauty of baroque pearls, Mediterranean coral, turquoises and natural gemstones mounted on 925 silver and that give to the creation great appeal and sophistication. Minnie’s Jewels brand is worldwide known and appreciated.

Minnie’s Jewels are quality creations that are certified.

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Written by Erminia Costagliola Di Fiore

“It’s by appreciating the beauty in simple things like a seaside stroll watching the sunset and enjoying nature’s color palette mutation, that I get my inspiration. I can’t stop thinking of corals, pearls, turquoise and gemstones. I’m so excited!

I decide to leave for Torre del Greco whose factories are the only ones holding the secret to coral workmanship. How amazing! Those high quality corals… I like touching them, I like choosing them, it’s an overwhelming passion that stimulates my fantasy and my creativity. New creations with different shapes, rich in colors, sophisticated design. Then back to my laboratory, more ideas than time. Summer 2015 collection by Minnie’s Jewels is born!!!”

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